Last May 2007 I received an email from Ben Relles asking me if I was interested in shooting a funny video. So I met with Ben at Starbucks and he pitched me the video concept and played me the song "Crush on Obama" song by Leah Kauffman. I thought Obama was a really inspirational and bright guy, and and I loved the song! We shot the video in and around the streets of Manhattan. The video was released a few weeks later and the rest in history! : )

It was a great opportunity and a great learning experience. I got to shoot videos with Ralph Nader and Mike Gravel. I had the chance to attend events like the CNN/YouTube Debates, the Primaries, the White House correspondance Dinner, the Democratic National Convention, even be on Saturday Night Live! It's been a fascinating election year and I'm so glad to in a small way be a part of it. You can see some of our Obama Girl videos at the link below.